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Donate to make an IMPACT in Afghanistan

Our students' projects are making a real difference in the lives of many Afghans...

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Our impact projects developed in response to our students' desires to share their education with their fellow Afghans - those who did not have the opportunity to travel to the US for their education.

While our students provide the idea, the passion and the sweat, AGFAF provides the funding and mentoring. Our students are responsible for developing, managing and completing the project while home during summer breaks. Once back in the US, they continue to monitor and advise on their projects, mentoring and empowering the next generation of change agents. Through the process students acquire real world skills - skills not otherwise gained in a classroom. In combination with their college education, our students are doubly equipped to change the world.

Impact projects range in scope from the building of libraries and compost sites to the mobilization of students determined to build their future in peace. By ensuring that our impact projects are feasible and sustainable, we provide long-term impact to the communities and thousands of Afghans that benefit from these resources.

Each of these projects is designed to educate, empower and elevate!