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Donate in Support of AGFAF's Library Initiative

The health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries. -Carl Sagan

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Decades of war and a lack of funds have left a once flourishing Afghan reading culture in ruins. With a population of 30+ million people, there are only 6 trained librarians and the one public library in the capital city of Kabul is only partially functional. Unlike US public schools, school libraries are not typical in Afghan public schools and library time is not part of the curriculum.

As a response, with the financial support of AGFAF, the mentoring of board member Joe Highland and the hard work and perseverance of several of our students, we have established libraries in six schools, including the first Braille library, in Afghanistan. These libraries serve not only the students within the school, but the communities in which they function through outreach programs, adult literacy courses, photography seminars and self defense classes.

چندين دهه جنگ و كمبود منابع مالي باعث از بين رفتن فرهنگ كتاب خواني در جامعه افغان شده است. در حاليكه كابل بيشتر از ٥ ميليون نفر نفوس دارد، در تمام شهر تنها ٦ كتابدار آموزش ديده و يك كتابخانه عامه وجود دارد. برعكس وجود كتابخانه ها در مكاتب دولتي امريكا، داشتن كتابخانه ها در مكاتب دولتي افغانستان معمولي نبوده و وقت كتابخواني جزء تقسيم اوقات درسي نميباشد.

تا بتوانيم افغانستان را در راستاي مبارزه با اين مشكل همكار باشيم، ما توانستيم سه كتابخانه درمكاتب مختلف در كابل تأسيس نماييم. اين كتابخانه ها نه تنها براي شاگردان بلكه براي تمام جامعه از طريق برنامه هاي مختلف مثل كورس هاي سواد آموزي و عكاسي، سمينار ها و ديگر پروگرام ها مصدر خدمت ميباشد. از كتابخانه ها در پايان صفحه بازديد كنيد.